Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden, Alipore Kolkata

White Tiger at Zoological Garden, Alipore Kolkata

Zoological Garden or Zoo in Kolkata is one of the prime tourist spots in the city. The Alipore Zoological Garden first opened its gate on 1st of May, 1876 and since then has remained an absolute favorite with the children. The zoo stands on a total area of 18.811 hectare and entails entrance gates, office buildings, store, animal houses, etc. The animal enclosure area takes up about 59,579 sqm while open land area is approximately 72,417 sqm. The open water body spreads over 27,216 sqm while the road and foot path take up 25,848 sqm. The public amenities take up 1858 sqm. And the Administration amenities take up 1196 sqm.

Location of Zoological Garden Kolkata

If we look at the history of the Kolkata Zoo Garden, we find that the plan for the establishment of the zoo initially got thwarted because of the lack of proper space. However, finally the land on each side of the Alipore Road leading from Zerrut Bridge to Belvedre, was selected. This is the location, where the Alipore Zoological Garden still stands, in its full glory.

History of Zoological Garden Kolkata

The history of Alipore Zoo Garden dates back to as early as 1842 when the curator of Bengal Asiatic Society, Dr John McCleland came up with a plan for the establishment of the zoological garden in Calcutta. However, this did not materialize and was followed by the plan of Dr. Joseph Bart Fayrer (the president of Asiatic Society of Bengal) in 1867. This plan drew great public attention but failed due to lack of space. For the same reason the plan of Carl Louise Schwendler, the postmaster to the Govt. of India failed in 1873. At last, in 1875 the then Lt. Govt. of Bengal Sir Richard Temple took the initiative. The land on Alipore Road was chosen, approved and a managing committee of 5 members was set up. The first meeting of the management committee was held on 10th December, 1875 and after deciding the rate of the admission fees, the committee opened the gate for public on 1st May, 1876.

Animals at the Zoological Garden Kolkata

There are many animals, reptiles, primates and birds at the Zoological Garden Kolkata. However, the most popular ones are the Bengal Tiger, White Tiger, African Lion, Giraffe, Zebra, Galapagos Giant Tortoise, Pelican, Pheasant, etc.