Nicco Park

Nicco Park, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Nicco Amusement Park, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Nicco Park is one of the most popular amusement parks of Eastern India. The 40 acre park is a tourist magnet. It is also known as the Disneyland of West Bengal. The park holds the rare honor of being the first amusement park in the world to be certified with SA 8000 (Social Accountability) certification, the first in Asia to be certified with ISO 14001 (Environment Management System). The park is basically an ideal place for family recreation and has been specifically designed to provide both educational as well as fun-filled activities.

Location of Nicco Park, Salk Lake, Kolkata

It is located at Salt Lake, Kolkata.

History of Nicco Park, Salk Lake, Kolkata

The Nicco Park is the first amusement park of Kolkata with state of the art infrastructure that was opened in October 13, 1991. It is the brainchild of industrialist and chairman of Nicco Group Rajive Kaul. He conceptualized the idea of an amusement park in Kolkata while on a family vacation trip to the Disneyland in U.S. This concept resulted in a joint venture with the West Bengal Government. The Government of West Bengal along with the Rajive Kaul followed through with their commitment and set up the company Nicco Parks & Resorts Ltd. (NPRL) which was a Joint Sector Company. Rajive Kaul sought financial help from Geoffrey Thompson, the then-owner and managing director of the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool. Thompson offered the assistance of Blackpool Leisure & Amusement Consultancy Ltd to provide technical expertise, including surveying the land and suggesting design and safety matters. The park opened at a total cost of about INR 8 crores, with 13 rides.

Rides and Attractions Of Nicco Park

The park has a Solar Energy Village that has been set up to demonstrate the functions of various non-conventional energy sources in community life. In keeping with its green theme, a Green House is also run by the Indo American Hybrid Seeds Ltd. selling various types of plants. At present, Nicco Park has approximately 35 rides that include the Toy Train, Tilt-a-Whirl, Magic Carpet, Paddle Boat, Water Chute, Water Coaster, Flying Saucer, Pirate Ship, River Caves, Cyclone and Moonraker. The Giant Cyclone, added in 2003, is among Asia’s largest. The ride is 750 meters in length, has seven loops and goes as high as 55 feet. Attractions such as the park’s cable cars and Eiffel Tower provide panoramic views of the park from above. Natural attractions include a Rose Garden and a forty feet high waterfall.



Trivia of Nicco Park Kolkata (Salt Lake)

  • The site where Nicco Park is presently located was earlier known as Jheelmeel Park.
  • There is a large Food Park that sells North Indian, Bengali, South Indian and Chinese fast foods run by various restaurants of Kolkata.
  • Sheroo Bazar and Souvenir Shop Wet-O-Wild are places where one can buy accessories such as t-shirts, coffee mugs and key chains.
  • Adjacent to the park is the Nalban Boating Complex, that offers boat cruises in paddle boats, hovercraft and shikaras.
  • There is also a bowling alley in the complex of Nicco Park that is known as Nicco Super Bowl attached with a Restaurant/Bar. It is a popular place of entertainment.
  • The park also has a venue called Octagon that hosts corporate and non-corporate events.
  • A decommissioned MIG-21 fighter aircraft from the Bagdogra Airbase is on display at Nicco Park, serving as an attraction with educational value. It was a gift from the Eastern Air Command in 2008.
  • Nicco Park offers two kinds of packages to its visitors: The Dry Park Package (250 INR) and the Composite Park Package (350 INR) which includes the Water Park.