Mayapur and ISKCON Trip

A beautiful abode of the Gods surrounded by thriving natural beauty, ISKCON Mayapur Dham is a place where one can find immense soulful peace. Built with the unique concept of ancient Vedic village, here you will meet people that belong to a different age completely. The religious ambience and the serene natural beauty along with traditionally decked women and men remind you of Lord Krishna’s Vrindavan. Mayapur is an island located in the middle of Hooghly and Jalangi rivers along with eight other islands together known as Mahaprabhu Chaitanyadham Nabadwip.

The major attraction of Mayapur is ISKCON Chandrodaya Temple with beautiful idols of Sri Krishna and Sri Radha, the Golden Samadhi Mandir of Srila Praphupada, the Mayapur Goshala and four spacious guest houses and some small cottages that can be booked for pilgrims and tourists. There is also a library and a Vedic institute inside the premises that conducts courses on Vedic studies. The institute has many national and international students. The grand evening Arati Prayer is a must watch for all. There is also a 24 hrs Bhajan Mandali inside the temple complex.

The major places to see at Mayapur and Nabadwip is the birthplace of Mahaprabu Chaitanya, the Yoga Peeth, Chand Kazi’s Samadhi, and Ballal Mound, which is a reminiscent of Bengal king Ballal Sen. Short boat rides are also available across River Hooghly for pleasant sightseeing of the nine islands.