Kolkata – Special Walking Tours

Special Walking Tours to discover Kolkata

Special Walking Tours to discover Kolkata

Kolkata is a treat to the travelling soul and a fresh canvas to photographer’s eye. Photo Tours with the spirit of celebrating the variegated flavours of a centuries old city. We are here to bring out the city before you as never before, in all its tastes and colours, striking all chords of life that churns up in the city.

We believe that the beauty of Kolkata lies in its complexity that exudes unforgettable warmth and a raw charm, which can be best appreciated by a trained eye. This city is more prone to the lens than most people believe it to be, and so we are here to share with you the Kolkata experience, to enable you to be more responsive towards the powerhouse of emotions that Kolkata is.

Our regular Photo Tours (Kolkata Walking Tour) are for everyone – photographers and non-photographers alike – the following special tours are sure to catch the fancy of photographers!

These tours give the photographer in you, ample time and opportunities to get the best frames of your life. Though some of these tours work best at particular times of the day or year but we promise you, once you take one of these as recommended, you will not come back from any of these without photographs to brag about back home.

So, take out the photographer in you and let it loose in the City of Joy.

The Special Kolkata City Photo Tour features:

  • Tour Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour Planning Assistance: Yes
  • Vehicle: Not required (Walking Tour)
  • Complimentary Refreshments: Packed Drinking Water + Light Snacks
  • Guide with phone: Yes

Special Kolkata City Tour Cost

  • Basic Shared Tour: Rs.1500 (adults) & Rs.750 (children below 12 years).
  • Exclusive Tour: Rs.2500 (adult) & Rs.1250 (children below 12 years)
  • You need a minimum of 2 people to book the tour.


Tour 1: European Kolkata

European Kolkata

European Kolkata

European Kolkata tour serves as a wonderful introduction to the city – takes you through the hows and whys of Kolkata helping you retrace the steps that gave birth to this second city of the Empire. Liberal doses of history with lots of photographic opportunities makes this heritage site a must do if you visit Kolkata. Kolkata which was once tipped as not only the handsomest town in Asia but one of the finest in the world is an enigma waiting to be discovered.

Duration of tour: Approximately 3 hours.
Meeting point: Lalit Great Eastern Hotel.
Itinerary: We will be witnessing history as told by the great buildings like Great Eastern Hotel, Dead Letter Office, Currency Office, St. Andrew’s Church, Writers Building, General Post Office, Royal Insurance Building, Lal Dighi / Tank Square, Standard Life Insurance Building, Government House, St. John’s Church, Job Charnock’s Mausoleum, Holwell Monument.


Tour 2: Mesmerizing Markets

Mesmerizing Markets

Mesmerizing Markets

If people and photographing people in their natural environment and crowded market-places is what gets you going then you need to sign up for this one. And if we mentioned crowded market-places we really mean crowded. But we promise you the effort will be worth it. Some amazing activity just waiting to be captured by you! One of the biggest wholesale vegetable market of Kolkata, it offers your sights, smells and experiences you would have never ever imagined or experienced before. The opportunities and challenges this tour offers to photographers are unparalleled.


Duration of tour: Approximately 3 hours.
Meeting point: Bank of India on Bepin Behari Ganguly Street.
Itinerary: We will be spending most of our time shooting in the biggest wholesale vegetable market of Kolkata and small shops in the adjacent lanes.


Tour 3: Culture Kaleidoscope

Culture Kaleidoscope

Culture Kaleidoscope

Kolkata is truly a melting pot of cultures and communities… truly a kaleidoscope of various shades, flavors and sights that make Kolkata what it is today! This tour will help you understand a little bit of India and how so many religions and faith form the very fabric which is India. Find out amongst others about the Chinese who made Kolkata their home and gave Kolkata its amazing Chinese food. Find out the oldest surviving Christian tomb in the city, walk into synagogues which have stood for centuries within whose walls time still stands still. Taste local food and witness life as it unfolds right in front of you. Discover amazing facts about the Parsis and find hidden gems in the middle of nowhere. So many cultures and so many communities co-existing side by side, reminds one of the famous 1982 number one by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder – Ebony and Ivory.

Duration of tour: Approximately 3 hours.
Meeting point: Indian Airlines city office, Central Avenue.
Itinerary: Some of the neighborhoods and places we cover on this tour include Bow Barracks, Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Old Chinatown, Old Jewish neighborhoods, Jain Temple, Portuguese Church, Armenian Church and the Chitpur neighborhood.


Tour 4: Circle of Life

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

This tour is a wonderful way to get the best out of your camera (in case you are not already. In case you take good pictures and do not need us to tell you how to shoot look for other tours on this website) while learning a little bit about the city and all this out in the open. In a beautiful cemetery that exudes old world charm.

Duration of tour: Approximately 3 hours.
Meeting point: Outside Bhawanipore Cemetery.
Itinerary: We will be spending most of our time discussing basics of photography within the cemetery and may also be going around the small local market around the cemetery.


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