FAQ – About Kolkata Tours

The following are the Questions that are generally asked by Guests before they book a Kolkata Sightseeing Tour with us. Please check the Questions and the answers we provided for a better understanding of our services.

If your questions are not answered here, please contact us.


Are your tours appropriate for children / aged people?

Yes, as you will have a vehicle to move around the Kolkata city so reaching sightseeing spots won’t be a problem. However, some amount of walking is required to explore the attractions. If mobility is a problem for you, talk to our Tour Assistant for options.

Do you ever combine people to share a private tour?

No. All our tours are private and exclusively designed by our Tour Assistant depending on your date of tour and your choice of Kolkata attractions. Excepting some of the Special Tours (Walking Tours) all our City Tours are designed for the same family or group.

Why do you have a 'Visitor’s Choice' option with Half Day and Full Day Tour?

We believe every Guest coming to Kolkata and joining us for the City Tour needs freedom to choose attraction of his/her likings. We do not want to fix the route or the choice like other Tour Companies. We know the attractions that can be covered within a time span and they are in our ‘Popular Kolkata’ and ‘Must See Kolkata’ Tour already. The extra Visitor’s Choice option attached with our Tour gives you the additional liberty to visit Kolkata attractions you always wanted to see.

Where does the Kolkata City Tour begin?

The pickup is generally from the Esplanade area. If you are staying in any of our affiliate hotels, we will pick you from the hotel for free. If you have another preferred pick up location, this can be discussed with our Tour Assistant before you make payments.

Where does the Kolkata City Tour end?

If you are staying in any of our affiliate hotels, we will drop you for free. Otherwise, the Tour Assistant will listen to your needs and finalise the Tour End Point before the Tour begins.

What happens if the vehicle is having troubles?

We maintain our vehicles but still machines malfunction sometimes. Tyre punctures can happen. We will add on for any time loss that has occurred (from our end) during the incident.

What kind of attire should we wear?

This depends on the time of year. During the winter season a light pullover is enough as all our City Tours are conducted during the day time. During the summer season, T-Shirts are enough.

Do we stop for lunch or food?

For Full Day Kolkata City Tour and Customised Kolkata City Tour (more than 8 hours) we provide 1 hour break for food. We will drop you and wait at any eateries/ restaurant of your choice that falls on the route. For Half Day Kolkata City Tour, we do not have time options for lunch/ food. But, if you want, we can drop you at a restaurant at the end of the tour if it is within a kilometer of our scheduled route.

What does your tour cost include?

  • The vehicle, fuel and the driver.
  • Parking fees and Toll tickets
  • Packed Bottle Water (1 litre for each Guest)
  • Light snacks
  • Guide charges (if you have opted)

What extra costs do we need to pay?

  • Entry tickets, camera charges
  • Cost of anything you buy like souvenirs or books
  • Cost of Lunch or any food you eat.
  • Sightseeing Guides (ones provided by the attractions) if you have opted
  • Donations/ Puja offerings, etc.

Will we see all the sights that are mentioned?

Our tour routes are the most comprehensive way to see the best that Kolkata has to offer. However, some of the attractions are closed during some days of the week. Our Tour Assistant will guide you through the process before you pay. Still, if any of the attractions are closed for special reasons, then we will try to skip it and add one attraction during the tour.

Will we get a commentary during the Kolkata City Tour?

No, we do not provide digital commentary. Our service is more personalised. If you have opted for the Guide, he/she will brief you about every destination and answer your queries. Handouts are given during every City Tour and you will get briefings from it. Some sightseeing spots also have their own guides.

What type of vehicle do you provide?

That depends on the number of members in your team. Vehicles with AC and Non AC options are available.

  • Up to 4 Guests – Good Quality Hatch back cars with comfortable seats
  • More than 4 Guests up to 7 – SUVs with comfortable seats
  • More than 7 Guests up to 13 – Vans / SUVs/ Multiple vehicles
  • More than 13 Guests – Multiple vehicles
  • More than 30 Guests – Small Bus/ Luxury coach

Who is your Guide?

Our guides are friendly educated men and women, chosen for their knowledge, special interests, backgrounds and personality. They will meet you before the tour and guide you inside places of historic importance.

Do I need a Guide for the Kolkata Tour?

All Guests do not need guides. We provide free handouts with every tour that are self explanatory. Our drivers are good and are knowledgeable. Guides can be your friend during the Tour. If you need a friend, who can explain and suggest you during the city tour, then you need a guide. Choice is yours.


How to book a Kolkata City Tour from you?

Please use the Booking Form on our website. All details should be mentioned. Our Tour Assistant will contact you within 6 hours either through email or phone.

How do I make payments?

After your tour is confirmed, our Tour Assistant will inform you the Bank details and the modes of payments. Presently, we avail payments through:

  • Credit Cards
  • Bank Transfers

What is your refund policy?

We have a 72 hours full refund policy. However, if your flight or train to Kolkata has been cancelled or delayed inform us immediately. We will try and reschedule your tour and discuss other options.

  • 50% refund of full tour cost if cancelled within 24 hours of the scheduled tour start time
  • 70% refund of full tour cost if cancelled within 72 hours and before 24 hours of the scheduled tour start time.
  • If you do not turn up for the tour and haven’t informed us either – No refund allowed.


Every care will be taken in every respect by our driver/ guide but no automatic responsibility will be assumed for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity and we are not responsible for any resulting additional expenses. Baggage, Camera and personal belongings are carried entirely at the owner’s risk.

Are you different from other standard City Tour operators?

Yes, we try to treat our Guests specially. There are some merits in our City tours, like:

  • The duration of our Half Day Tour of 6 hours and Full Day Tour of 10 hours is more than most City Tour Operators. You get more time for Kolkata Tours.
  • Liberty of Visitor’s Choice.
  • Our Tour costs are generously priced; you get more value for money.
  • Professionally managed.
  • Drivers with road knowledge and good behavior.
  • Accessibility of Tour Assistant from the time you enquire till the tour ends.

Is smoking allowed in the vehicle?

Passengers are kindly asked to refrain from smoking inside the vehicle. Smoking is also not allowed inside religious places and some attractions. However, the driver will provide smoking stops if you want. Drinking alcohol is NOT allowed during the full tour timing.

Do you allow airport transfers/ railway station transfers?

Yes, with extra costs only for Guests who have opted City Tours with us. While enquiring, please mention this and our Tour Assistant will take care of it.