Village Life

If you are looking to get away from the vapid world of concrete jungle and spend some real time in the wilderness of nature then Monchasa is just the right place to be. Located on the banks of Bagda River in the remote village of Paushi, in East Midnapur district of West Bengal, one can actually savor the original flavor of rural India. Imbibed with every bit of traditional village culture, Monchasa offers you a true picture of an East-Indian village. It is the first rural based sustainable eco-tourism initiative in India, which is promoted to support a very special social cause. The location offers panoramic views of village tradition. Some interesting places of visit are as follows:

The Shalmoli Bithi: A plantation area with a wide variety of species of fruits, flowers, vegetables and spices. The authority of the project has taken the effort of tagging the plants with their significances and name in local language along with its scientific name, to enrich the knowledge of tourists and visitors. You will also find many plants of medicinal values like Ram Tulsi, Bon Tulshi, Krishna Tulshi (Holy Basil), Aamlaki (Goose Berry), Boyar (Baheda), Hartuki (Haritaki) and Neem trees.
Fish Tanks: Ishani and Naitri are the two huge fish tanks (jheel) of the village, where a large variety of fishes are bred naturally like Rohu (Rui), Katla, Mrigel, Kalbous, Carp, Telapia, Puti, Mourala.
The Sahajiya: The Sahajiya is a common cultural centre of the village which is a platform for local cultural performances of traditional village art such as Chhau, Raibneshe Jatra Pala, Baul Fakir Darbesh etc. The center has been especially built for the conservation of the dwindling form of village traditional art forms. Apart from this, the centre also hosts slide presentations, film shows and story telling sessions. The Sahajiya cultural centre is a straw / hogla thatched circular clay court beautified with green grass. Guests are made to sit on the ground over hand crafted Madur.
Nabya Nakshi: The handicraft centre that promotes Nakshi Kantha, one of the most treasured handicrafts of Bengal which also supports the local self help group.
Aamar Bangla: It is a village emporium where you will find numerous attractions like Dhenki, Kumorer Chaak, Tamt, Langol-Moi, Hand Painted Alpana, Pot Chitra, Typical Styled Tulshi Mancha, Machh Dhorar Jal, Chhip, Gachhe Jholano Hnarite Payra, Mouchak, Borshar Toka, Kendupatar Borshati, Lau Macha, etc.