Terracotta Temples at Bishnupur

We provide small customized excursion trips (1 Night or 2 Nights) to the wonderful terracotta temples of Bishnupur.

This beautiful temple town of West Bengal takes you back to the era of an ancient time when art and culture was the dominant theme of that age. The town of Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta architecture that flourished during the 17th century under the Malla kingdom. The skilled artisans of the Malla kings created these timeless pieces of art. Some of the popular temples are the Ramkrishna and Shyamrai temple, Madanmohan temple, Jor Banglow temple, Radheshyam temple. Other popular attractions are Gardorja and Dolmadol Kaman. The Jorbangla Temple of Keshta Rai is also a masterpiece. The beautiful carvings of terracotta are still intact in these temple walls. Another temple is the Pancha Ratna Temple, also known as Shyamrai Temple, which was built in 1643. The walls of this large temple are embellished with terracotta carvings depicting Lord Krishna’s life.

All the temples feature beautiful carvings of celestial figurines and symbols of Hindu mythology. These temples are maintained under the supervision of the archaeological departments and are treated as heritage sites. The temples can be visited every morning, but the best time to have a magnificent view of the temples is at night when these temples are illuminated with bright lights making them appear celestial. You can go for sightseeing of the various terracotta temples by walking or by taking a cycle-rickshaw. Bishnupur is also surrounded by many beautiful water bodies like Shyambandh, Yamuna bandh and Kalindi Rivers. Another famous creation of the town is the traditional Baluchari Sari that is handmade and intricately designed with the temple art forms and figurines representing its place of origin.