Sea Beaches


A favorite sea side weekend destination of West Bengal. The Digha sea beach has remained unparalleled in popularity as a holiday hotspot for many generations. It is a major shore of Bay of Bengal located in the East Midnapur district bordered by the state of Orissa. The sea town is divided into two parts namely: Old Digha and New Digha. Since a part of the beach in Old Digha has got submerged into the ocean, the Government has extended the beach a little further about 2 kms away that comprises the New Digha area. The submerged shoreline of Old Digha is now protected with boulders and concrete constructions. However, the beach still offers a unique look with huge stones and concrete steps. The new beach comparatively is very extensive and well maintained with beautiful golden sands. The town is dotted with numerous hotels and good resorts along with restaurants and bars that serve all kinds of delectable cuisines. Along the beach you can find many shacks selling a wide variety of jewellery and decorative articles made from sea shells and pearls. An endearing natural feature of the region is the flourishing Casuarina groves that border the entire beach.


The beach of Mandarmani is another sea destination that is quietly emerging as a prominent weekend holiday destination. If you want some tranquil moments then this beach offers you the ultimate seclusion you need to get away from the noisy clutters of the outside world. The beach is very beautiful, clean and serene, a quality that marks it different from other beaches of Kolkata. The best sea side resorts are located here at Mandarmani with a wide variety of avant-garde services that you can choose from. One can also rent a car and drive along the beach line to visit other nearby beach destinations like Tajpur, Digha, Dhankarpur, Talsharee, Udaypore and Junput. An interesting feature of the beach that is absolutely fascinating is the hundreds of tiny red crabs that climb up shore on the yellow sands.


Located along the shoreline and a little further away from Mandarmani lies the inverted-crescent shaped beach of Tajpur that is truly a virgin beauty of nature. Undiscovered and sparsely populated, the shore is spectacular to view. The shore vicinity is surrounded by exotic Casuarina Groves and Keya flower shrubs with patches of forests. There is a small river nearby that flows into the sea called River Mohona which winds its way through many small fisherman villages. The ideal location of Tajpur makes it a popular stop by for tourists.